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Broken Column 

Last Updated  May 24, 2023

When a brother passes away and we are not supplied with the date of death and do not have a telephone number or can not find an obituary, we use June 15th as the death date.  That way we and the Grand Lodge of Kansas knows the date is missing and needs replacing should the correct date be discovered.



Our Most Recent Fallen Brother:

Brother David Leroy Rector



Fallen Brothers reported this year: 2023



B:. Dennis Henry Taylor            January 28, 2023

B:. Donald Clyde Gard Jr.          February 3, 2023

B:. David Leroy Rector              March 3, 2023

End of Year Ceremony:  December 16, 2022


Our thirteen deceased Brothers reported during 2022 were honored at our December 16th Regular Stated Communication by subdued lighting and a solemn reading of each name followed by the sounding of a gong.  The Worshipful Master then called for a Moment of Silence in rememberance of these good Brethren.  The Chaplain offered a prayer of rememberance.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed by those in attendance to purchase Perepetural Life Memorials for each deceased Brother so, even in passing, his name will  be in our files and recorded on our Annual Report, forever. 

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