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Becoming a Freemason

We believe that becoming a Mason is a true honor that should not be taken lightly, thus we are selective in who we let into our Fraternity. Not everyone is granted the right to become a Mason, but we welcome men to petition a Kansas Lodge that are 18 or older, meet our qualifications and standards, and believes in a Supreme Being.

It is important to uphold the principle that a man cannot be compelled to join our Fraternity, and he must seek admission of his own free will and accord. It is up to the individual to knock on the door of Freemasonry, expressing their interest and desire to become a part of our Fraternity.

We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all men who seek to become better individuals through our Fraternity. Therefore, we encourage those who are interested in becoming a Mason to contact a Lodge that they would like to have consider their membership. We uphold high standards and values for our members and aim to promote personal development, moral and ethical values, and community service among our brethren.

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