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Words from the East - W.M:. Bob Brown - 2024

Updated: Feb 19

Hello and Happy New Year! I want to thank the brothers of Wyandotte Lodge #3 for choosing me as your Master for 2024. I look forward to working with each of you. A little about me. I was born in KCK and graduated from Wyandotte High School in 1976. In October of that year I joined the Army, serving for 4 years. My wife Chris, and I married 41 years ago. We moved back to Omaha, NE in 2004 and moved back home in 2015.

My Masonic Journey started that fall after returning home. My wife and I were invited to a dinner at Abdallah Shrine. A few months later, I am at Wyandotte Lodge taking my 1st.

Currently our lodge continues to grow. We have 3 Entered Apprentices, 2 Fellow Crafts, and 1 petition on its way. I challenge each of you to wear your masonic hats, jackets and shirts and welcome conversations with interested strangers. They could be our next entered apprentice.

Wishing you a great start to 2024!

W.M. Bob Brown

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